I was born in Hanover, Ontario and grew up in Elmwood, Ontario. My greatest love growing up was playing sports. As a teacher, I found a home in Niagara Falls.

Community Involvement

My greatest passion would be in coaching high school football at Stamford High from 1958-1968 and Niagara Falls Collegiate from 1971 -1989. I was fortunate to have some pretty good teams in those days and we were able to secure a few zone championships. I also coached the wrestling teams in those high schools and we were able to claim a number of championships.

In 1974 I got involved in the Al Reid Hockey Tournaments and I’m still involved today. I spent a number of years playing fastball at Ker Park and the last number of years at Johnson Park with the Over 40 Slow Pitch League.

What is your favourite aspect about being Canadian?
What I treasure most about Canada is the freedom and opportunity to do anything you want to do. I enjoyed the ability to instill this into many of the students I had the pleasure of coaching and watching them grow as contributors to our great City. The interest in my community is still there, but I appreciate the opportunity to spend time with my children and grandchildren.