Egan Henderson
Niagara Falls, Canada

I’m proud to be Canadian. I have lived in the Niagara Region my entire life, and have enjoyed all the opportunities Canada has given me. I am currently a high school student at Stamford Collegiate in Niagara Falls. At Stamford Collegiate, I can see Canada’s past in the history of the building, as well as Canada’s future in my fellow students. I enjoy all the skills I am able to learn being a student here, as well as all the wonderful, diverse friends I have made along the way. I plan on going to Brock for Game Programming and to end up with a job in Canada. What I really love about being Canadian is knowing that no matter where I go I will find inclusive and caring people. There are so many places to explore, it is almost impossible to see all the beauty Canada has to offer. It is an amazing place to live, and I would never dream of being anywhere else but Canada.

What is your favourite place in Canada you have not been to yet?
My favourite place that I want to visit in Canada would be British Columbia. I would love to see the Rockies and to explore Vancouver. To see the varied landscapes, rich with culture, history, and wildlife. I have never been anywhere in British Columbia and thus would love to see as much as I can. There are boundless places and secrets to discover, I just have to find them.

What is your favourite Canadian stereotype?
The most Canadian stereotype I like is maple syrup. The real authentic maple syrup just makes pancakes, waffles, or anything really taste so much better. Going to the sugar bush was one of the best field trips from elementary school. They would pour maple syrup onto snow and we then got to eat it; that was delicious. I love that maple syrup is a Canadian stereotype because then I have an excuse to use it on everything. I never eat pancakes without a sufficient amount of maple syrup, which happens to be a lot of maple syrup.