Gord Singleton
Niagara Falls, Ontario

My parents emigrated to Canada from the U.K. in the early 50’s and this country provided them with the opportunity to start their own business and begin a family. At the time, the U.K. was still in a deep recession recovering from the effects of WWII.

I was born and raised in the City of Niagara Falls, a place where you could purchase essential things you need like food and housing.  Niagara is also a clean city where you could walk to school, play sports and receive a solid education.

Canada blessed me with the opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming an Olympic athlete. I went on to represent our country at two Olympiads, 1976 in Montreal and 1980. Along the way Canada provided me with the experience to travel the world competing in my chosen sport of cycling. I was able to win gold medals at the Commonwealth Games, Edmonton 1978 and Pan-American Games in 1979 and finally a World title in 1982. From an athlete’s perspective one of the most emotional experiences is standing on the top step of the podium and listening to our National Anthem being played for you and all the rest of our beautiful country. I still tear up when I see our current crop of young hopefuls accomplish their dreams and we hear our anthem.

I’ve been married to my beloved Louann for 36 years and have raised two fine young sons who have graduated university and are embarking on their own careers.

Canada has a tremendous amount of natural beauty at its disposal. From the east coast of Newfoundland/Nova Scotia to the west coast of British Columbia. I’ve often said “we can travel in our own country and see some fantastic things and we don’t require a passport”

My one wish for Canada is to see our Governments take serious control of their spending. At the Federal and Provincial levels if we are to forecast where Canada is headed, this has to be addressed immediately.  If spending does not come under control our future generations will pay for our mistakes.