Jason D. McCarthy
Ontario, Canada

I am extremely proud to be a Canadian; I have lived in the Niagara Region my entire life and consider myself fortunate to be given the opportunity to be raised in such a great country. At this present time I am employed with the Niagara Regional Police Service where I hold the rank of a First Class Constable.  My job description is to attend all the local high schools in the City of Niagara Falls to provide the students with a safe environment and resources from an educational prospective. 

My career choice has allowed me to interact with many different types of people and cultures, which has taught me how generous and polite Canadians can really be.  From a community perspective, I am proud to call myself Canadian when I see how everyone comes together to help the less fortunate and anyone who requires assistance.  I have had the opportunity to travel across most of Canada and one thing that always comes to mind is how polite, respectful and forgiving Canadians can be. In closing, Canada is a beautiful country and I could not think of a better place to raise my family. 

What is your Favourite aspect of being an outreach officer in Niagara Falls?
Being a School Resource Officer in Niagara Falls has been a rewarding experience.  It has allowed me to spend quality time with students in a variety of different schools.  These students are without a doubt the future of Canada.  When attending the schools, my role as a resource officer allows me to take the time to interact with the kids, educate the students on policing, and help teach them how they can play a positive role within our community.  The goal with this program is to educate the youth in our community and be proactive about engaging with them.  When dealing with students that are considered “at risk”, it is my responsibility to build a positive relationship and act as a role model to assist them within the community so that they can hopefully be confident and successful in their career choices.

What is your Favourite Canadian Stereotype?
My favourite Canadian stereotype has to be hockey and the love for the game and what it stands for.  I was raised playing the game of hockey, while living in the country and as a child I still remember to this day walking across the plowed fields with my skates on to get to a flooded spot so we could play some pickup hockey games with the neighborhood kids; it was a weekend event for sure during the winter months. Watching Hockey Night in Canada with my dad every Saturday night is a memory I will always cherish. Now that I am a father myself, I have continued the tradition: watching hockey with my son, playing hockey on the pond on our property and even coaching my son over the last eight years. GO FLAMES GO (yes I am a Calgary Flames fan).