Urooj T. Rajput
Niagara Falls, Canada

Canada is one of the greatest peacekeeping countries in the world. It is a privilege for me and my family to be here for the environment, education, and a perfect home. I am an immigrant from Lahore, Pakistan: I was only an infant when I moved to Canada. Now I attend Stamford Collegiate High School where I am in the 11th grade and I have just completed semester 1; onto semester 2! Currently my goal in life consists of having a Bachelor's Degree in University. I’m looking forward to studying the human anatomy, working as a doctor, or perhaps working for the police.

Outside of that my goal is to build a successful path towards both a successful career and lifestyle. Having said that, I also have some side hobbies and interests that I enjoy taking part in in my spare time, including hiking, swimming, playing the piano, dancing, and acting in drama productions. I love to express the pleasure of my hobbies to the world by sharing it with my friends and school.

I've experienced incredible things in Canada. These include seeing the beauty of nature at the falls almost every week, indoor skydiving, meeting wonderful people, and helping out the community by volunteering at events and program. One of the best opportunities and experiences I have had through my journey here in Canada was getting the chance to meet Justin Trudeau; never had I thought I could find our Prime Minister in a donut shop! It felt awesome to meet Justin Trudeau and get to know his personality and perspectives from my point of view. I hope that I can help make the world a better place one day. I have been influenced to help make a difference not only in Canada, but the entire world, socially and economically by joining programs and committees like MYAC and Interact Club to gradually support our community. I hope that I can use these experiences to eventually be able to help people on a more global scale. The ability and desire for Canadians to make the world around us better is one of the many reasons I am glad to call Canada my country and home.

What is your favourite memory of Canada?
The weather. I love sledding, and snowboarding in blizzards. My memory was sledding on the steepest hill that is located at my High School's football field. I tripped and made wrong turns into other sleds while I was sledding down and ended up crashing into them, but making mistakes and taking risks was the fun of it! The cold was challenging but the amusement was totally worth the -10 degrees.

What is your favourite place in Canada?
 The parliament building in Ottawa, Ontario is so far my favourite place I have visited. I saw the amazing light show on the parliament building at night. It projected the history of Canada, and its establishments, which made it look amazing with all the colours.

What place have you not been to that you would most like to go to?
I want to visit Blue Mountain Ski Resort in Ontario. I want to experience the amazing snow sports that can only be done most likely in that particular place (like zip-lining, snowboarding, and cliff rides).

What is your favourite Canadian stereotype?
The most stereotypical Canadian thing I like is the politeness. Usually you'd hear us Canadians say “sorry” for almost every minor thing. For example if you went out in public and hardly bumped or touched anyone accidentally, they'd instantly give a whole speech on their apology.